Before entering the real estate business in 2007, I leveraged my bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science and Software engineering in technology consulting field. I've worked for large oil and gas companies, retail corporations, utilities companies, and the municipal government, offering expertise in navigating and making sense of the immense amount of information they manage on a daily basis. 

Naturally, with the importance of technology for marketing your home, this background serves both me, and my clients, very well.

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More Background

I am a proud husband and father, and family is extremely important to me.  My wife is a commercial airline pilot for Calgary's homegrown airline, Westjet, and my daughter is an aspiring pilot already, at the age of FIVE!  

We surround ourselves with amazing friends and family, and never turn down a fun afternoon at the lake, in the mountains hiking or snowboarding, or simply enjoying a good book.

I work with all types of clients...  Singles, couples, and families, from first time home buyers to seasoned investors.  I find that relating my clients to my family, my friends, and other people in my life adds a personal relationship on top of the professional relationship, which allows me to best work with all types of people.

My family moved to Wildwood because of the uniqueness of the homes, the sense of community, and the access to amenities. Wildwood truly is unmatched in all of Calgary.